What are the benefits of AMCA certification?

AMCA is the ‘Gold Standard’ of quality certification in the United States. As an AMCA certified company you’ll be recognized for quality far beyond ISO’s generic certification or any other accreditation. AMCA was developed specifically and exclusively for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Companies certified by AMCA are the top brass in quality. AMCA certification embodies the highest quality US-made products available. Period.

Does my company qualify for AMCA certification?

The easiest way to get pre-qualified for AMCA certification is to submit an application. There is no obligation to apply. However, keep in mind, your business must be located in the United States and be either a manufacturer, machine shop, industrial distributor or other supplier to the manufacturing sector nationwide or worldwide.

What will my customers think of AMCA?

Customers instantly see AMCA’s pro-American advantages over ISO certification. In addition, AMCA is the only registrar adapting the Buy American Act to support American businesses and workers. Further, as an AMCA certified business, your customers appreciate being part of the approval and oversight process.

What will my international customers think of AMCA?

AMCA is revered worldwide because it represents some of the highest quality products America has to offer. Companies certified by AMCA meet quality standards based on performance rather than a ‘standard.’ International companies understand AMCA certification represents high quality goods, materials and equipment proudly Made In The USA.

How much does AMCA quality certification cost?

Our services range from $2500 for certification to over $30,000 for complete on-site consultation and training packages. Our fees depend on your needs and budget. For example, some companies may require a full time consultant on-site. Others may want ongoing management development and/or employee training. In any case, AMCA is able to assist industrial suppliers of any budget from a one person machine shop to the largest manufacturers with thousands of employees.

How does AMCA compare to ISO Certification?

AMCA and ISO are two different types of certifications with different purposes. AMCA has a pro-American agenda. ISO has more of a ‘globalist’ agenda. AMCA is committed to revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing sector by increasing the global competitiveness of American manufacturers. ISO has no such allegiance.

Is AMCA a replacement of ISO certification?

AMCA was developed NOT to replace ISO but to resolve many problems of the ISO certification scheme. ISO suffers from having no oversight to control the rise of fake certifications. Further, ISO is primarily based on ‘standards’ a company must follow. AMCA is a firm believer that standards in general slows a company’s progress and can cripple innovation. Therefore, AMCA certification is based on actual performance of a company’s operations. Not generic standards.

Why is AMCA referred to as ‘The American Quality Movement.

AMCA is more than a quality certification. It is a movement that is unifying U.S. manufacturers and other businesses. Including American factory workers, political activist, and freedom loving patriots nationwide. This unification of proud citizens and business-minded immigrants nationwide has been dubbed ‘The American Quality Movement’ by AMCA supporters.

Does AMCA offer ISO certification?

AMCA offers ISO certification though its partnership with quality management consultants in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. AMCA does not issue ISO certificates on its own to maintain our pro-American focus. AMCA’s partners offer a wide range of quality management services and can get your company certified to any ISO standard you need. Accredited or unaccredited. ISO certification is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us to connect with an ISO/quality consultant in your state.

Is AMCA accredited by a third-party?

AMCA is an acronym for American Made Customer Accredited. Therefore, all AMCA certificates are accredited individually by customers of the certified company. This make’s AMCA’s accreditation and oversight truly impartial due to complete transparency with a company’s most valuable asset – its customers. After all, nobody knows more about your quality (or lack thereof) than your customers.

Why was our company’s application for certification declined?

You can contact us to request a second review no earlier than 60 days after your denial. However, you’ll need to make the necessary changes we indicated in order to qualify. Keep in mind, our certification requirements is non-negotiable. Nearly half of all applicants are denied. Our commitment to integrity has made AMCA the ‘Gold Standard’ of quality certification.