What Your Customers Think Of AMCA Quality Certification?

It’s important to understand although AMCA liberates your company from the ISO certification scheme. It is not intended to be a replacement. Both AMCA and ISO have different purposes and agendas. Your U.S. customers will appreciate AMCA’s pro-American focus. Your international customers will see your AMCA certification as representing some of the best quality America has to offer. AMCA is the ‘Gold Standard’ of quality certification in the manufacturing sector of the United States.

AMCA is the only registrar adapting the Buy American Act to support U.S. manufacturers and workers. Further, as an AMCA certified business, your customers appreciate being part of the approval and oversight process of your certification. You can expect them to be overwhelmed of the privilege.

Even your customers across the globe (if you have any) accept your AMCA certification as symbolizing American quality. International companies understand AMCA certification represents high quality goods, materials and equipment proudly Made In The USA.



AMCA’s mission is to revitalize America’s reputation for manufacturing the highest quality goods, materials and equipment in the world. AMCA is a firm believer the United States must become a top producer again so we can reverse our dependence on foreign products and materials. Economist agree it is critical for America’s future to regain our dominance in high quality manufactured goods. AMCA intends to lead the way…

Our vision is simple… make sure those three beautiful words “Made In USA” clearly signifies the ‘highest quality you can buy.’ Leave no doubt. America is the quality leader.

Despite our noble intentions, there are those with anti-American views that have an issue with AMCA’s country-first agenda and independence from ISO certification and accreditation schemes. Unfortunately, these people either fail to understand the importance of AMCA’s mission. Or they simply hate anything that is American. In any case, these haters only empower AMCA customers and supporters of the American Quality Movement.

Do You Qualify For AMCA Certification?

We only certify US-based businesses, primarily in the manufacturing sector that meet AMCA qualifications and performance guidelines. We do NOT certify firms with socialist agendas or a record of poor quality. U.S. businesses owned by American citizens and non-citizens (immigrants) are welcome as along as they meet the requirements. ISO certified companies by a recognized registrar is a plus, but not required.


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