10 Reasons To Get AMCA Certified: ‘The Gold Standard’

      1. AMCA is more than a quality certification. It’s a Quality Movement among US-manufacturers uniting together to revitalize the manufacturing sector.
      2. Being AMCA certified you will crush your ISO competitors with their cookie-cutter certificate. In fact, you’ll find out quickly your customers prefer AMCA quality certification because it represents American quality on a global scale.
      3. AMCA is a fraction of the cost of cookie-cutter ISO 9001 certification. AMCA guarantees results. ISO registrars only guarantees a huge bill!
      4. AMCA is the most respected quality certification for U.S. manufacturers. It is widely endorsed by patriotic Americans, military veterans, and others that take pride in American values and independence.
      5. AMCA satisfies big corporations that want their suppliers and subcontractors to be compliant to various ISO standards.
      6. Being AMCA certified puts your company among some of the highest quality U.S. manufacturers in the country.
      7. All AMCA approved companies automatically become members of our B2B network to explore RFQ’s from potential customers. This separates AMCA from any other quality certification anywhere!
      8. AMCA makes quality certification hassle-free for you. You won’t need to pull employees off their machines. No need to shutdown. We handle all of the paperwork except for a few documents. It couldn’t be easier.
      9. You have the option to be assigned a quality consultant that can provide you additional support as you need it. This is a more cost-effective solution than ongoing consultation. Only AMCA offers this money-saving option!
      10. AMCA is revered worldwide because it represents some of the best in American quality. So whether you do business locally, nationally or internationally. You can be assured your AMCA certification is well regarded everywhere.

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