Finally A Quality Certification That Attracts LOYAL Customers

AMCA quality certification is developed exclusively for U.S. manufacturers with focus on machine shops and other custom manufacturers. It is the only quality accreditation that guarantees to increase your company’s profitability, competitiveness and productivity. Manufacturers certified to AMCA standards enjoy a quality recognition superior to ISO 9001 certification. Here’s why…

AMCA (American Made Customer Accredited) is the only quality certification program accredited by YOUR own customers. You see, your customers rate your quality more accurately than any ISO standard or auditor ever could. Further, AMCA is the only registrar with a B2B network connecting your company with prospective customers nationwide. In addition, you get the recognition of being ISO compliant.

United We Stand; Together We Can

AMCA is boldly leading the fight to make quality certification cost-effective without the painful hassle of dealing with ISO registrars. This is why U.S. manufacturers nationwide are turning to us for their quality certification.

We have completely revolutionized quality certification here in the United States. It’s no longer just about being certified to some foreign standard. Nor is it about the pretty certificate on the wall. Any business can buy a certificate and claim “quality” all they want. All that matters is results.

Some Final Notes About ISO Certification

AMCA is not a replacement of ISO. AMCA and ISO are both quality standards with a different purpose and agenda. AMCA has a pro-American mission to make American manufacturers more competitive in the global marketplace. Whereas ISO has more of a globalist mission. AMCA qualifies companies for certification based on actual performance, customer ratings, BBB analysis and leadership assessment. ISO 9001 certification is primarily based on meeting basic standards intended for millions of companies around the world. AMCA boldly puts America first to support American businesses and workers. ISO has no such allegiance to the United States or her citizens.

It’s important to understand AMCA and ISO are NOT competitors. Which is why AMCA also offers consultation for most ISO standards through our consulting partners. We have the largest network of quality management consultants in the country covering most states. All are highly skilled in the manufacturing sector. We are the ONLY certification body (registrar) and standards developer that offers both AMCA and ISO certification. And we do NOT work with ISO certificate mills selling bogus, self-accredited certificates. Beware of such scams! Fake ISO certificates are on the rise.

The fact is, ISO can be a valuable certification if implemented in a cost-effective manner by a consultant skilled in your particular industry or niche. Keep in mind, the consultant makes or breaks your ISO certification. Hire the right one and you’ll be on easy street enjoying the benefits. Hire the wrong one and it will cost you dearly!


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