'Gold Standard of Quality'

Exclusively For American Manufacturers, Machine Shops & Distributors

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AMCA (American Made & Customer Accredited) has boldly developed the first pro-American quality certification for the U.S. manufacturing sector. Founded as the 'Gold Standard' in American quality, AMCA integrates U.S. quality standards and ISO's international standards with emphasis on increasing the global competitiveness of American manufacturers. AMCA is much more than a certificate of quality recognition. It has grown into a national movement that is changing how businesses & consumers validate a company's TRUE quality.

The AMCA Story & Vision

Why AMCA Certification?

Save Money & Time

Enjoy the benefits of superior quality recognition in the most affordable hassle-free manner.


AMCA is the first quality certification customized for
the U.S. manufacturing sector.

B2B Networking

AMCA's app connects you with other quality certified companies
to establish B2B relationships.

Local Support

AMCA consultants are nationwide to provide you timely support
on-site at your facility or online.

AMCA Guarantee

AMCA guarantees your pro-American quality certification to be recognized as a superior achievement over foreign & generic ISO.

AMCA promises to remain independent from all accreditation schemes with globalist agendas
and anti-American 'certificate mill' operations.

AMCA is the only quality certification integrating ISO's international standards with our own specialized standards for U.S. manufacturers.