AMCA Quality Certification
Replaces All ISO Standards

The 'Gold Standard' of American Quality!

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AMCA is a quality standard & certification for U.S. manufacturers, machine shops, fabricators & job shops to connect with pro-American customers. AMCA is more than a certification, it's a national movement to Buy American!


1. Connect with U.S. buyers committed to buying American;
2. Demonstrate your company's commitment to quality;
3. Win customers you would of lost to inferior shops;
4. Qualify to get RFQ's from verified buyers in our network;
5. Surpass ISO certified competitors NOT AMCA certified!

Be Proud. Be American

Get AMCA Certified

Attract U.S. Buyers

Millions of American businesses prefer to buy from US-based companies. Meet them!

Increase Sales

AMCA certification shows your commitment to quality... and your commitment to America!

Secure Reputation

AMCA protects and secures your reputation as an organization under quality oversight.

Simple Matters

AMCA's certification process is quick, efficient and hassle-free.
We handle the entire process!

AMCA Guarantee

AMCA is the only registrar that guarantees your complete satisfaction as a quality certified business. Or your money will be refunded!

AMCA promises to remain independent from
all accreditation schemes with globalist agendas
and organizations with anti-American views.

AMCA is the only quality certification program integrating ISO's international standards with our own custom American quality standards.