The ‘Gold Standard’ of American Quality

American Gold Standard of Quality

AMCA is the first pro-American quality certification focusing specifically on American manufacturers, machine shops, distributors and other industrial suppliers in the United States. AMCA is internationally recognized as the ‘Gold Standard In American Quality‘ in the manufacturing sector. Certification integrates U.S. quality standards with ISO international¬† standards… making AMCA a unique and sought after certification. […]

Finally A Quality Certification That Attracts LOYAL Customers

AMCA-ISO quality certification is developed exclusively for U.S. manufacturers with focus on machine shops and other custom manufacturers. It is the only quality accreditation that guarantees to increase your company’s profitability, competitiveness and productivity. Manufacturers certified to AMCA standards enjoy a quality recognition superior to ISO 9001 certification ALONE. Here’s why… AMCA (American Made Customer […]

10 Reasons To Get AMCA Certified: ‘The Gold Standard’

AMCA is more than a quality certification. It’s a Quality Movement among US-manufacturers uniting together to revitalize the manufacturing sector. Being AMCA certified you will crush your ISO competitors with their cookie-cutter certificate. In fact, you’ll find out quickly your customers prefer AMCA quality certification because it represents American quality on a global scale. AMCA […]

What Your Customers Think Of AMCA Quality Certification?

It’s important to understand although AMCA liberates your company from the ISO certification scheme. It is not intended to be a replacement. Both AMCA and ISO have different purposes and agendas. Your U.S. customers will appreciate AMCA’s pro-American focus. Your international customers will see your AMCA certification as representing some of the best quality America […]