AMCA is looking for quality consultants and sales professionals to join our team. You can become part of the country’s leading pro-American quality certification program developed primarily for the U.S. manufacturing sector. AMCA is proudly independent of all ISO registrars and accreditation bodies under foreign oversight, directly or indirectly. We have experienced steady growth due to our bold commitment to remain a pro-American registrar denouncing anti-competitive accreditation schemes, crony capitalism, and corrupt ‘mail order’ certificate mills selling bogus ISO certifications. Therefore, we are seeking like-minded patriots to join our fight in liberating U.S. manufacturers from ISO certification rackets scamming American businesses. AMCA brings competency, integrity and freedom of choice to quality certification. The following requirements are preferred for each position:



Please send your bio and/or linkedin profile page to
A virtual interview on Zoom with our leadership team will be required.